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Out of the company’s keenness to expand in all fields of contracting to achieve leadership
among companies at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Electricity and Mechanics
department was established beginning in 1990 and the activity of electro-mechanics works
was part of the company’s various projects (communications – roads – dams – buildings –
sanitation Production and industrial projects)

Due to the expansion of the company in all projects, the need has become
urgent and necessary for the electromechanical projects to be completely independent,
and accordingly, the Electromechanical department was established and the department was developed
and updated at the beginning of 2014 to compete and enter into all the Electromechanical major projects in the region relying on our great experiences in all areas of the business sectors in which we have achieved leadership already, and we have in the department
the most expert cadres and also the equipment and modern mechanisms.